Anatomy of Maidan. Virtual tour of the protesters’ grounds

Euromaidan PR

00sKyivis relatively calm now, so it’s just the right time to study Maidan in detail. Almost everybody has heard that word, but not everybody imagines how everything works here. Now the protesters occupy Kyiv’s center – Maidan Nezalezhnosti square, almost all of Khreschatyk (the main street), European square and some of the adjacent streets. A few administrative buidings have been captured; in them, heating and medical help centers have been established, as well as stations for accepting and redistributing clothes and other items. There are hundreds of tents on the streets, in which the activists that have come to Kyiv from all over the country live.

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My “Slippery Day”!

What’s the most dreadful experience you’ve ever had as a customer? How could it have been better?

Well I have really experienced some of the most embarrassing moments in my life as a customer. When I was at a food court in the Philippines, i thought it would be okay  to ignore the sign that says “Caution, Slippery Floor” since i was wearing a non-slippery shoes. So i did, i walked and at my last step, there you go, guess what? I slipped and hit my face exactly to the pale of dirty water. The entire people was looking at me and i was so dirty. My hair was so sticky due to the Soap they put on the water. Ever since that day, I never went back to that “Monster Food Court” fearing that people might recognize me!